“In a low-light environment, with my camera and a lot of good spirit.”

That’s how I would describe my work and approach as a filmmaker, especially as a DP and the situations I find myself constantly dealing with, which I love. I have clearly developed my own significant style from this. Grown as a person and as an artist while directing myself and the camera through challenging situations. Creating at the intersection of objectivity and contemporary, intimate aesthetics. Floating between a documentary and cinematic film style with a deep love for clouds and portrait shots.

I don’t have the feeling that it takes a lot for most productions to create something beautiful. It takes a bit of courage to stick to some principles, giving everything for the best idea, which ultimately doesn't have to be your own – and not mine either.

Of course, I feel inspired by some of the greatest photographers, cinematographers and storytellers of our time, but I am driven by the desire to create. Influenced by several aesthetic concepts. Connecting the dots between different genres of film and photography. Letting you see the world through my eyes.

I work with RED Digital Cinema Cameras. I believe that I have a very good sense of what the material could look like and how to achieve my vision of it.

Creating looks and colors is something I really enjoy. I understand it as something that is inseparable from my work with the camera. Which I prefer to use with as much natural light as possible. 

The right tools are an essential key to unlocking creativity in every production and within every workflow. Knowledge is crucial. From sketching the first idea of how everything could look like, creating a mood and look, to the final composition of the frame. I have learned to understand what it takes for everyone involved in the project to achieve the best possible results from the material I deliver and I know how to meet these expectations.

I know that I can rely on my taste, equipment and technical expertise.

Feel free to get in touch. Inquiries, questions. Anything.

+49157 54526495
+49221 57003242

I am based in Cologne, Germany.

For information about my technical equipment and the infrastructure I can provide, please follow the link below.